The critical signs which you need to know before buying Iraqi Dinar

At the initial glance Iraqi dinar buying seems to be one of the easiest tasks. It is almost too much easy. A lot of dealers are there who nowadays try to sell the Iraqi dinars. Therefore all you need is just to choose the right dealer. Thumbs up?

Absolutely not true. Because with any other ‘hot’ merchandise, scams remain too much common and you are required to be well aware about them and spot them and that too before you put your fingers over your hard earned money.

Below are discussed the five critical sign which you are required to be well aware of before you buy Iraqi Dinar online.

Does the website of the dealer is well appealing as well as credible?

Pages without sufficient information regarding the company or what their products consists of or what the varieties they are serving to their customer can be concluded as not a good company. Take enough time and check out other dealers. Compare each. If something is there which you don’t like then look out for other companies. Don’t be in hurry to buy dinars and probably from the first dealer.

Is there any kind of testimonials from some satisfied clients who have successfully bough some good number of dinars from the particular seller?

At certain times satisfied client does leave their valuable comments and testimonials regarding their appreciation. But be cautious! Quite easily one can make fraud through the use of Internet and a testimonial is thereof nothing any exception. Again, don’t rush and take enough time to browse, contact only the people who you think are appropriate as per your need and requirements. Putting an extra hour of making browsing over the internet can really make the difference in getting enough profit regarding buying the best deal with the Iraqi dinars.

Is the seller showing his shop location anywhere within the website?

It is not that easy to track the exact location of an individual company where there is only the email address of the dealer provided. Putting physical address of the shop can really help its customers get the tight thing at the right time.

Does the website consists any kind of phone number within its home or contact page?

Try always to make a verification of the provided phone number. Don’t forget to make atleast a call to the number. Ask them over phone certain questions to be assured about their business. For example, you can make question about the security feature of the dinars.

Is the company got registration with Better Business Bureau?

Take time to make verification whether the company which you are thinking is meeting all your criterion about their existence and are they really into the same profession which they have mentioned within their official page.

One of the greatest investments can best be identified with ‘Buy Iraqi Dinar‘. The tips which can be best called as safety tips can really be supportive so as to choose the right one for your best investments. For more information please visit :

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Outlaying of the pricing of Iraqi Dinar

If you are planning to make purchase of Iraqi Dinar with a hope of earning a big profit out of it then the best part is that you are not at all alone. This kind of idea has now been into the mind of almost all people across the world and additionally it is circulating over the web world for almost about eight years. The interesting part is that this business has no way to get erased so quickly. The websites entirely dedicated in pitching the Iraqi currency and its sell gives you a statement that 1 million IQD, abbreviation of Iraqi Dinars, was worth of an amount of $3,200,000 USD before the Gulf War during the year of 1990. But the 20th century has allowed making a purchase of about 1 million dollar ar the cost of $1,200.

If improvement of the Iraq currency remains as it is and the currency gets revalued at its maximum highest rates, then what you think today as a modest cash outlay can really turn you out to be a millionaire tomorrow. The giant oil resource, guaranteed support of rebuilding as well as well-educated populace from US gets cited as the long extended reasons in prudent investment for the same.

In contrast to the actively traded bonds and stocks, no formal market for the Iraq currency does exist. While you make a purchase of the same you will actually be receiving bundles of physical currencies from some retailer instead of an electronic entry. Too many factors leave their impact over the amount which you are going to pay against Dinar:

Pricing of the Dealer: Wide variation is there in the amount which a dealer charges for some identical packages of the country currency.

Denomination: the interesting part is that larger denominations of note generally will be less costing in comparison to the amount of comparatively smaller denominations.

Circulated as well Uncirculated: You will be paying only a minimum or the slightest premiums for the IQD notes especially which did not get used before.

Handling as well as shipping: it is expected to pay the minimum of $20.00 to $40.00 for a IQD purchase of amount 1,000,000. Certain retailers are there which offers tout ‘free shipping’ but usually costs much a higher base price for the country currency.

For people who are willing to go out for taking risks, buying of Iraqi Dinars can prove out to be the best idea which surely will prove to be one of the most fortuitous decisions. However you are required to be aware that most of the experts do not make any kind of recommendation regarding buying dinars. Time is the only one who can be your right guide as well as advice you in taking the right decision. If you take the decision of purchasing the country currency, ensure to shop and also make a careful comparison so as to receive the best ever deals. The marketplace especially dedicated for the dinars is unregulated. For more information please visit :

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Finest Tips of Backpacking with the Vietnamese Dong

Let’s dive into a topic which can equally be attractive as well as act as glue to gum you with the very culture of Vietnam.

Pack up your boots

Either your first stop is at Hanoi or the famous Ho Chi Minh City, don’t dare to take much with you while leaving your home. These above mentioned two options can be the best places where at their hubs you are allowed to fill up all your most essentials which you may require in the rest part of your journey. Be it your travel guides, shoes, backpacks or clothes or some other necessities which you think can be the urgent in your rest part of the journey can all be best available at their shops and market. And what is more interesting about these are their almost half the cost which you could have purchased from your hometown.

Obtain a Cyclo

This can be best identified as ‘dying breed’ in the regions of South Asia as the government of Vietnam has banned such from utilizing the maximum of a road and there, within the region, a rickshaw or cyclo still gets considered as a cheap as well as novel means to opt for going sightseeing. Best of the drivers does have their own designed tour itineraries which usually come out a lot cheaper in contrast with motorbikes or bus services. A bus or a motorbike service is the commonest options available from a hotel.

Look out for the Exhaust

For the people who are backpacking at their zeroth hour, a motorbike or xe-om remains the sure fire modes of paddling fast. However, as many travelers will be advising you for availing these but don’t forget while getting on and off these motorbike to remember about the boiling exhaustion that will not spare the top of the hair to the bottom of your ankles.

Go easy with the Vietnamese Dong

Vietnamese Dong is the currency of Vietnam and can easily accessible from the local ATM’s around the city. Be conservative while you are drawing a lumpsum from the ATM’s. if in case you don’t spend all the drawn amount before you leave the place, you will be stuck with a horrible problem where no foreign exchange buyers will be ready to but a single penny from you.

Don’t miss out trying out the street food

Street food out of the locality is extremely cheap as well as cheerful and this can be concluded as the best ways to eat within the whole locality of Vietnam. Try to keep away from the backpacking clichés of getting healthy with the western style and try to dive into the banh mi, pho and the other treat located at the side of the streets which has got a lot to offer within their menu chart.

Thus with Vietnamese Dong atleast once get introduced with the entire city and get mixed with their culture and food habit. Get the taste of their livinghood and their survival. For more information please visit :

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Iraqi Dinars – The Facts and Figures

Iraqi Dinar has caught the fancy of the investors across the world since the death of the autocratic and tyrannical ruler. The official currency of Iraq is issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and governed and guaranteed by the bank. It has gone through ups and downs alternately due to policy mistakes of Iraq and misjudgement by others. In 1959, one Iraqi Dinar brought 2.8 US Dollars in exchange and in 2013 one US Dollar fetches 1166 Iraqi Dinars.

British occupied Iraq had Indian Rupee as their currency till 1932. After World War-1 the new Dinar was exchanged at 11 Indian rupees and it was at par with British pound till 1959. The US Dollar was exchanged at 2.8 Dollar for 1 Dinar. Then the Iraqi Dinar rose to an exchange rate of 3.37 Dollar per Dinar before it was devalued 5% to quote at 3.21 Dollar and remained at that rate till the Gulf war in 1989. After the war was over, in 199, Iraq faced UN sanctions and the Dinar notes which were printed in Switzerland went out of circulation. Excessive printing of new notes by the government, brought down the value of Iraqi Dinars to 3000 Dinars for one Dollar. Swiss dinars were still in circulation in the Kurdish region and they did not devalue at all.

After the ouster of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi Governing Council printed Saddam Dinar notes to keep the markets and common life moving till a new currency was issued for the entire Iraq. In 2003, the Coalition Provisional Authority issued new Dinar notes and coins. These new Iraqi Dinars were exchanged at par with Saddam Dinars, however, at 150 new Dinars for 1 Swiss Dinar of Kurdish region.

Iraqi Dinars were involved in brisk trade among the speculators and currency traders. Earning from oil exports rose in 2012 and economic experts confirmed that Iraq may become the second largest exporter of oil in 2013. The speculators got scent of Iraq’s parliamentary decision that the Iraqi Dinars are going to be redenominated upwards. So Iraqi Dinar RV will bring in handsome profit as its exchange rate against the dollar is expected to rise greatly. International Monetary Fund is overseeing rebuilding of Iraq after it was destroyed time and again in wars and under an autocratic rule for a long time. So the rumour about re-valued dinars is confounding. The Central Bank of Iraq on its website quotes 1166 dinars for a US Dollar. The IMF too quotes Dinar at 1200 per a Dollar, and it has remained static. Most of the transactions are still done in US Dollars.

Iraqi Dinars now have a steady exchange rate, and a downside is not visible in near and remote future. If you discount the stories of rerating circulated by the currency traders, you can still invest in Iraqi Dinars. Its oil production and export will fetch handsome amount of foreign exchange, and you can share the riches of a developing economy.

Iraqi Dinars is a stable currency. You may hope for its upward movement. For more information please visit :

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Is it Worth Investing in Iraqi Dinars?

Believed to be a lucrative investment opportunity, there has been a lot of speculation about the Iraqi Dinar. While some feel the whole thing is a scam, others believe that the revaluation of the Dinar can bring about a spurt in the country’s economy. The investment opportunity is seen as a way to profit from an almost devalued Iraqi Dinar that is believed to appreciate in the future. The scammers hold that one might profit millions of dollars if one buys the Iraqi Dinars at their current value and then exchanges them back for dollars later when the Dinar exchange rate has gone up.

However, though it is easy to get swayed by the lucre, there are some factors that potential buyers need to be aware of before they invest in one of the most undervalued currencies of the world.

The first and foremost problem is the lack of registration. It is illegal in the United States and in several other major economies to market an investment minus a proper securities registration. The scammers usually evade this legislation in two ways. First, it is officially legal to sell hard currency for its numerical value, perhaps as a collector’s item. Secondly, some dealers register themselves with the U.S. Treasury as a Money Service Business or MSB, which gives them the show of some kind of registration. But it should be known that real MSBs do not market an investment. Hence you need to ask yourself, whether these Dinar dealers are actually legitimate.

Another issue is that Iraqi Dinars are sold on hype that is misleading. The potential value of an Iraqi Dinar is often compared with the effect on the Kuwaiti Dinar after the Gulf War. But it needs to be kept in mind that the Kuwaiti Dinar was not a free-floating currency during that period, hence its increased value was an outcome of policy making as well as an efficient management of the currency by the state.

Now, the question that arises is that will the Iraq government follow a policy of currency escalation in the future? Since an appreciating currency renders paying for a brand new government as well as paying off past debts more costly, a rise in the value of the Dinar seems improbable. An economy like that of Iraq is more prone to a currency crash.

Several Dinar dealers refer to the value of the Iraqi Dinar prior to the Kuwaiti invasion in 1990 when one Dinar was equal to a little more than $3 US Dollars, as proof of the potential for the rise in the Dinar’s value. However, they conveniently evade the fact that prior to 1990, the Dinar was rendered worthless and its value was set at random by the autocrat Saddam Hussein. After the UN embargo, the Iraqi government was unable to manage its currency and the value of the Dinar collapsed to 2,000 – 3, 500 against the U.S. Dollar.

Hence, an investment in Iraqi Dinars is rather a risky proposition, one where the facts are not placed on the table, and where past trends are only displayed to hint at a possibility of a profitable investment. For more information please visit :

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Things to Consider Before You Buy Iraqi Dinar

The Iraqi Dinar is a hot topic of debate as people have been arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the poorly valued currency of Iraq. Investors in the Dinar believe that Iraq’s vast oil reserves are a reason why the nation’s economy will soon pick up, much in the lines of the Kuwaiti Dinar which rose in value to $3.39 in 2004. Before the UN embargo that followed Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the Iraqi Dinar was worth about $3. However, after the embargo, the dinar was valued at a little below 2,000 against the US dollar in August 2002. But, as of 2011, the average exchange rate of an Iraqi Dinar slowly climbed up to be worth around 1,173 per dollar. Bullish investors believe that the Dinar will be revalued soon when the final permits are lifted in Iraq.

Now, the question arises, is buying Iraqi Dinar a gamble? With constant fluctuations in its value against the US dollar, you need to think twice before you buy Iraqi Dinar. Some financial experts also believe that selling or buying Iraqi Dinars is a scam, while other money market observers are of the opinion that buying Iraqi Dinar is considered an investment, as they feel that since Iraq is receiving huge support from the US and it is also rich in its vast oil reserves, investing in Dinar is not a bad option at all! If you are a potential investor, you can also look up CNBC’s segments on YouTube about the potential of the Dinar and why it may be a good investment.

However, it is a good idea to keep in mind a few points before you decide to buy Iraqi Dinar. As per financial experts, the Iraqi Dinar has undergone a deliberate dramatic devaluation, which has been the outcome of several economic and financial sanctions against Iraq. Now, when the sanctions are revoked, there seems to be a faint ray of hope for the nation’s currency. Secondly, if Iraq is able to rise above its several problems such as sectarian violence and constantly develop its oil fields, the Iraqi Dinar, which shows signs of promise, may display a reasonable to significant growth.

Some experts are of the opinion that the Iraqi Dinar could undergo a further devaluation after the economic sanctions are lifted. In a worst case scenario, the Dinar could even be replaced by a new of currency, while others are hopeful that the currency, even if somewhat devalued, could still be traded back for dollars. So, if you decide to invest in Iraqi Dinars, make sure that you invest in the new Iraqi Dinar, and not the old one which has the picture of Saddam Hussein on it.

However, latest financial news reports talk of a possible Iraqi Dinar revaluation, and that it might happen very soon. So if that happens, then people who have invested in Iraqi Dinars are likely to become multi millionaires. But the grim fact is that the possibility of the opposite happening also cannot be entirely ruled out. For more information please visit :

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An Insight into Iraqi Dinar RV

For the last decade almost, the Iraqi Dinar has had a large number of hopeful, though somewhat discouraged followers. However, it is not completely untrue that the Iraqi Dinar is almost worth nothing at present, and has led to the common belief that it is nothing more than a scam and its worth will never increase. There are a bunch of hopefuls who believe that the Dinar will not only give the global economy a boost and its worth will make the Iraqis millionaires.

The question now arises, will it ever be worth anything and if it does, what impact will it have on Iraq? Iraq is believed to be the leader in production of natural gas and it is rich in mineral resources. Lying in the basin of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, Iraq is actually the bread basket of the Middle East.

However, having suffered thirty years of dictatorship and war, Iraq at present lies in a shambles and the infrastructure is in a mess, with sectarian strife still waging. The Dinar community of investors has been anticipating the Iraqi Dinar RV to take place for several years now but none of the predictions seems to come true. No one seems to know whether at the RV will happen, and if so, when.

However, there seems to be a flicker of hope now as talks of an RV are circulating. Even a year ago, no one in the Iraqi government mentioned an RV. Now, it is all over the news daily. So chances are that it may take place soon.

So why do we think that the Iraqi Dinar RV could be a boon? Obviously, it would make some people very rich. But there is more to it. It is believed that the U.S. has several trillion Dinars hence if the Dinar were to be revalued at $3, that would mean injecting almost $10 trillion into the U.S. economy! As per reports, various European countries as well as China and other countries hold Dinars too, so a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar may have a global impact, which can perhaps never be estimated until the revaluation takes place.

However, all things said and done, pinning one’s hopes on a Dinar RV is still very risky as this is the Middle East, a cradle of wars and strife, going by historical records. A shooting war in the region with players such as Iran, Israel or Syria could definitely derail the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. So, all one can do is hope for the best.

Besides, Iraq wants to establish an economy that is based on resources other than its reserves of oil, gold, or natural gas so they have need to have a currency which has real value. As experts have pointed out, the sooner the Dinar is revalued, the faster Iraq will be able to pick up as well as build its shattered economy. Hence, a Dinar revaluation is eagerly awaited. For more information please visit :

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A Guide to Using the Vietnamese Dong

The official currency of Vietnam is the Dong. The Vietnamese Dong is non-convertible and at present its value against the US dollar is approximately 21,000. The website of Vietcombank can be referred to for seeing the daily exchange rate. However, in Vietnam, the U S dollar is also widely accepted in major shops as well as restaurants. But the disadvantage of this facility is that the prices will be converted from Dong at the exchange rate chosen by the vendor, which may be a little different from the official exchange rate, and often rounded up to the nearest USD, thereby making the price of the item higher than its price in Dong.

If you are a tourist in Vietnam and you need to exchange your home currency for the Dong, make sure that your notes are crisp, clean and not damaged, as banks and currency exchanges will not accept any notes which are torn, crumpled or damaged. A good idea while travelling is to use your Visa and Master card which are more often than not accepted in most of the larger hotels and restaurants with usually a surcharge of 3% added to their use.

Remember not to exchange too much money in one go, as you will end up with a large bundle of notes. The largest denomination in Dong is currently 500,000 and since they look similar to the 20,000 notes, be very careful while taking out the notes. A handy tip is to keep the 500,000 Dong note separately to reduce any confusion or mistakes. While negotiating fares with taxi drivers or bargaining in shops, always use the Vietnamese Dong to avoid arguments later about the exchange rate that you were expecting. It is prudent to always recheck the conversion rate you are offered. Also beware of scams run by street sellers, especially with regard to high denominations of the currency. You may be given a lesser value for your currency exchanges. It is also better to go to a trustworthy currency exchange outlet.

There are several international banks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with 24hour ATM facilities. Most of these ATMs enable you to withdraw cash using the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and other networks. But keep in mind that as per Vietnamese law, ATMs in Vietnam only dispense cash in Dong. At present, you can withdraw amounts till 2,000,000 Dong with a 20,000 Dong additional charge if it is not your own bank. Before travelling to Vietnam, you must also inform your bank that you intend to use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs there. The machines in Vietnam employ the magnetic strip technology instead of the more secure chip, hence it is better to be safe than sorry.

The Vietnamese Dong is not accepted outside Vietnam, so keep in mind that there are no currency exchange counters at Hanoi’s international airport, once you clear immigration. However, in Saigon airport, you can change your leftover Dong currency before immigration at two bank booths that offer the official rate along with a 2% fee. For more information please visit :

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Buy Iraqi Dinar–Opportunity of a Lifetime

Economic slump of 2008 forced investments to shun conventional fields like manufacturing, real estate, aviation and garment industry. Instead investors looked around for potential areas in the third world countries. Some countries and their consistent economic development promised a safe haven for capital in the form investment in currency. Iraq is such a promising country whose currency, Iraqi Dinar has a lot of possibility to appreciate. So buy Iraqi Dinar and grab a lifetime opportunity to grow reach with growing Iraq.

An investor who wants to buy a country’s currency should have adequate knowledge about that country’s economic activities, and the exchange rate of that country’s currency as compared to the dollar or pound or yen. An investor needs to be concerned about the inflation rate of the country, its potential for growth in the near future, the rate of unemployment and its political stability. The other indicators of economic status of a country are its export items, balance of payment and foreign exchange reserves.

In the present global economic perspective, buying Iraqi Dinar seems to be a wise decision. Iraq’s economy is looking up at a fast pace, and it has great potential as an oil producing and exporting country. Only thing that you have to ensure that you are purchasing verified and authenticated currency from a reliable source. There are various websites who sell Dinar and have got registration from the central bank of Iraq. You need to assure that you are not doing trade with an unauthorised dealer.

Iraq had a despotic ruler for a long time and development took a back seat in the autocratic administration. The over throw of Saddam Hussain brought an anarchic phase in the past few years. Its economy is almost destroyed and shattered although Iraq possesses the liquid gold in its unending oil reserves. Iraq is recovering fast after the maladministration got over. Iraq’s economic revival depends on its oil producing and exporting activities.. However, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) predicts that Iraq is emerging as the world’s fastest growing economy.

Investors who are looking to invest their funds in currency trade should certainly look to Buy Iraqi Dinar. Investment in Iraqi Dinar is sure to be really profitable in the near future. You should buy Iraqi Dinar from companies or online sources that have legal registrations, and effective security systems in place. If you purchase unauthenticated currency from an unauthorised dealer, you may land in great trouble and may lose you money. When you will be in need to sale your dinars you will be required to furnish a valid government ID. This document proves that the transaction had been legitimate, and in complete approval of the State and Federal laws.

There are a couple of ways in which you can pay for your dinars. You may opt for COD method to cut down risk of being cheated. You can also use bankers’ cheques or payment through Banking Wires. In a word you have to be vigilant about fraudulent traders and practices.

Iraq’s economy is growing and if you want to share the riches of Iraq participate in its growth and buy Iraqi dinar. To know more about Dinar Exchange News and to gain some insightful knowledge on Vietnamese Dong please Visit our website.

Iraqi Dinar News—Entire World Follows it

Iraqi Dinar is in the news for some time now in Iraq’s media and websites as national and international investors follow the rise and fall in Dinar trade. The currency news covers Iraq’s politics and government policies, the legislative efforts of the Parliament of Iraq and the day to day steps taken by the central bank of Iraq. Iraq’s oil trade earns huge amount of foreign exchange and is the most important element in the fluctuation in the exchange rates of Dinar. News about oil production and exports and price of petroleum crude find a prominent place in the news concerning Dinar.

Iraqi Dinar drew world-wide investors in the early years of the present century as Iraq was freed from tyranny and social turmoil. Investors hoped that a rising Dinar and its rerating and upward movement in value will eventually reward them. Since then news from Iraq and its dinar is widely followed by the entire world. There are newsletters and electronic correspondence and multiple websites where you can get constant news of Dinar and its fluctuating movements.

The excitement on Dinar of a free and democratic Iraq has subsided somewhat when Iraq’s government faced stubborn resistance from the militia and subversive elements. The growth momentum was lost and the euphoria became muted. Non-cooperation of the opposition parties and the terrorists halted development and rejuvenation of Iraq’s economy. Political problems affected the resolve to revive the economy, and, thereby, the society. Dinar, too, became subdued until January 2013.

The central bank of Iraq refused to comply with the advices of the government. So the Iraqi government wanted complete governmental control of the central bank. It has also wanted to probe corruption charges against the bank authorities. However, crude exportation rose for the first time in January 2013. Economic analysts believe that Iraq is, soon, going to be the second largest exporter of oil. This, in turn, will strengthen Iraqi Dinar.

Certain political policies and decisions find a place in Iraqi Dinar News as these policies will have a considerable effect on the movement of the Dinar. The financial Committee of the Parliament of Iraq has decided to cut zeroes off the dinar’s exchange rate. Iraqi Dinar’s denomination will change as a result. Iraqi Airways has started its regular flights to London recently. Kuwait became an enemy and fought against Iraq in 1990 but recently relation with Kuwait is moving in the right direction. The first flight to the neighbour Kuwait was flagged off recently. Iraq is planning to develop wind and solar energy. The country has signed a 4.2 million Dollar arms deal with Russia.

Iraqi leaders are trying hard in the arena of finance and trade and this is reassuring the Dinar traders and investors. They keep on tracking the news wires to get updates about the exchange rates of Iraqi Dinar. On March 1, 2013, it was quoting at1166 Dinar for 0.000858 Dollar of US. In terms of $, the trade was at 857.63 Dollar per one million Dinar.

If you have an investment in Dinar, follow Iraqi Dinar News in official websites. You investment will flourish.To know more about and to gain some insightful knowledge on Iraqi Dinar rv please Visit our site